Our Mission is to serve the public by providing severe weather and flood warnings along with public and aviation forecasts for Geauga County, primarily for the protection of life and property. This is accomplished by maximizing the use of new technology and educating the citizens to ensure appropriate response to the weather. Geauga County SKYWARN is committed to assisting the National Weather Service (Cleveland) by gathering severe weather “ground truth” observations and reports, utilizing amateur radio and all other means necessary to obtain accurate and timely information in Geauga County and supplying this information to the National Weather Service. To improve the quality of SKYWARN volunteer services to the Cleveland NWS and the surrounding area by recruiting SKYWARN volunteers that communicate well, by training the SKYWARN volunteers thoroughly, and by improving the methods, quality, and frequency of communication and visibility as they relate to the “High Impact” events that affect the Cleveland NWS area of responsibility.